Bio - Larry Marshall Photography


Larry is a Professional Photographer, Social Media Influencer, Educator, and Adventurer.  He was named one of San Diego's best Instagramers, and is the top travel and tourism Instagrammer in San Diego.  His approach to photography is not only to capture beautiful images, but to tell a story of each destination through a series of images; including the people, landscapes, accommodations, tourist attractions, and culture. This approach helps to promote tourism and visitor accommodation planning when developing social media campaigns.  All campaigns are developed in close collaboration with each client to ensure a successful endeavor. Larry's latest social media promotion projects include the Indonesian Tourism Ministry and Hawaii's Big Island Tourism Bureau.

Larry also is a product promoter with clients including LIV watches, Artbeat Studios, and Kingston Technology.

Larry loves all types of photography but primarily focuses on grand landscapes, seascapes, and the needs of clients.  Larry's photography adventures take him to some of the most epic locations on the planet. He is constantly challenging himself to push his creative vision to capture the beauty in life.

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